Katie Ledecky entered the world stage of swimming at the 2012 London Olympic Games by winning the 800 m freestyle in a time of 8:14.63, just short of Rebecca Adlington's world record. The quality of the original film used for this analysis was not good and so some finer points of the swimmer's technique are obscured.

Lotte Friis won the 1,500 m freestyle race in a time of 15:49.59 at the 2011 World Swimming Championships held in Shanghai, China. Each frame in this analysis is 0.1 seconds apart. The swimmer recovers with a long, almost-straight arm action. It is interesting to see if it impacts the underwater arm-action of the opposite arm, as would be expected because of Newton's Third Law of Motion.

This analysis is of the Chinese swimmer Sun Yang. In winning the 1,500 m race at the 2011 World Championships, he set a new world record of 14:34.14. The whole stroke cycle takes 1.7 seconds.

Each frame is .1 seconds apart. Oussama Melloulli's time for this event was 14:37.28. In this sequence, the swimmer is kicking more vigorously than in earlier stages of the race. It appears that his kicking increased over the last 100 m of the event. This is a left-side breathing stroke.